The magic of medicinal plants is twofold. One, medicines grow, they are our birthright. Two, they have been used in all cultures at all times. Their use links us all, across the planet and across time.

Welcome fellow travellers

For those of you at the workshop, here is the link to the survey.

If you have found your way to this site, it probably means you have a love of, or at least passing interest in, medicinal plants.

It has been my great good fortune to spend much of my life with medicinal plants and the people who work with them. I have ridden the wave of big changes that have occurred to our attitudes to and use of herbal medicine. In that process, I have collected lots of stories and engaged in countless and wide ranging discussions - on herbal practice, medicinal plant use, and the challenges of the discipline: past, present and predicted.

I invite you to explore the resources, ideas and stories here, and to come back. And please get in touch!


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Sue Evans


Educator, Consultant and Researcher in Medicinal Plants (Complementary and Alternative Medicine)


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