Sue Evans


I have been around herbal medicine for a long time. For nearly four decades, my work has been with herbal medicine - as a clinician, then educator and researcher. Through teaching and involvement with my profession have been involved in a number of ‘firsts’, including practicing in the first integrative medicine clinic in Melbourne, helping establish Melbourne's longstanding herbal support group and the National Herbalists Association's first chapter, VicHerbs and being appointed foundation lecturer in herbal medicine in the first state-funded university course in naturopathy in Australia.

In addition, I have observed the application and use of medicinal plants in other parts of the world, from Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Peru), to Mongolia, and have kept in touch with our herbal cousins in the UK and the US.

My current focus is on research and writing about herbal medicine. You can find more details about my research and academic publications here, and my blog here. I also teach, and mentor practitioners, herbal educators and organisations.

You can find my CV here. See LinkedIn for my full work history or connect with me on Twitter or Facebook.