Airdre Grant (2016)  Stumbling Stones: a path through grief, love and loss.. Richmond, Victoria: Hardie Grant Books.

It is very exciting that my good friend Airdre Grant has just published her first book. And even better that it is such a ‘wee treasure’ as Kiwis (Airdre is one) will say.

Airdre’s friends have long known that she is a lovely writer – one has taken her talent with the written word and polished it till it shines.

I remember the tragedy that inspired this book – the death of her twin brother, Angus, and I remember how Airdre then left us for a time. She was unavailable for much of anything as she was in another land –  metaphorically at first and then literally as she took time out to make a pilgrimage. This was part of her way through the pain.  Largely, this is the story of that tragedy and that pilgrimage – though she does take us down some side-roads as well.

It may seem surprising to say that while this is a book about grief and loss, it is not depressing. It is sad and funny but more than anything it is life-affirming. Highly recommended.